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The Governing Council

The AAS is governed by :

The Governing Council

This is the Board of Directors of The African Academy of Sciences. It consists of 11 members elected by the General Assembly. The president of the General Assembly is the Chairman of the Governing Council. The Council exercises oversight on The AAS Secretariat directly as well as through its committees. It is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and assessing The Academy’s programmes to ensure they are in line with the priorities of the General Assembly. It establishes policies and provides strategic thinking. It also conducts the election of new fellows, prepares the agenda for the General Assembly, reviews and approves the selection of affiliate members and appoints auditors

The Governing Council (GC) has five committees. These are:

Assists the GC in fulfilling their conformance and performance responsibilities relating to financial accounting practices and reporting risk management, internal controls and internal audit, external audit functions and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Assists the GC in overseeing The AAS’ scientific programmes, in the development and implementation of The Academy's programme activities and achievement of the Academy’s objectives. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring the Academy has high level advice from individuals with significant expertise in each program managed by The AAS.

Assists the GC in overseeing the Management and execution of The Academy’s strategic plan, its goals and priorities. This Committee further holds the primary function of overseeing the human resource and financial policies and practices, as well as The Academy’s investment portfolio on behalf of the Board and other human resource matters.

Assists the GC in its governance stewardship and oversight responsibilities to ensure that The Academy is governed in line with best practice. More specifically, the Committee identify individuals qualified to become Committee members and recommend to the GC, nominees for appointment; recommend to the GC corporate governance principles and policies applicable to the Academy; vet and recommend to the Board individuals nominated to become Fellows of the Academy; and exercise and perform the authority, duties and responsibilities of the Committee set forth in this charter.

The Education and Gender Committee shall advise the Board at strategic level to ensure the Academy addresses gender equality in implementing its programmes on the continent.

Members of the Governing Council