Ben Sari, Driss, Prof.

Fellow of AAS since 1987
Geophysics, Earth Sciences and Environment
Born in 1942, Morocco

Prof. Ben Sari graduated as Engineer of Geographical Sciences at the National Institute of Geography (France) in 1965, Engineer of Applied Geophysics at Institute of French Petroleum and Doctor of Physical Sciences at the University of Grenoble in 1977.

He served as Engineer at the Ministry of Agriculture, Chief Of Service de Physique du Globe  at University of Mohamed V, Rabat Director of the National Centre of Coordination and Planning of Scientific and Technical Research,(C.N.R.) & Laboratory Manager of Geophysics and Astrophysics (LAG-CNR),He became Professor since 1978 at the Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary of Hassan II in Rabat & Professor at the School of Engineering of Mohammedia & director of LAPR labo at  (E.M.I.)

He served as Coordinator of the International Centre of Sciences and High Technology (I.C.S.-UNIDO-Trieste)He established three national networks(seismology, alert sismic, &G.P.S.) He has published more than 100 articles & communications, 4 books, and edited 14

He has received many national regional and international recognitions & awards and is the Founding Director of the governmental institute for coordination and planning, Laboratories and alert network for earthquakes. He has received many national, regional and international recognitions and awards. He has published about 100 articles, 8 books, edited 4, made 60 Lectures and communications.

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Berbich, Abdellatif, Prof.

Fellow of AAS since 1986
Born in 1936, Morocco

Prof Berbich obtained his PhD in 1961 at the faculty of Medicine in Montpellier France and specialized in Nephrology and Medical intensive care in 1964 at the University of Paris and became Professor in 1967 at the Medical School of Rabat.

He is the founding Chairman of the nephrology Moroccan company. He has served as Chief of intensive care unit and of Internal medicine Unit, Dean of Rabat medical school, full Professor of Higher education; higher commission President for Doctors qualification, Morocco Ambassador in Algiers.

He was the first kidney transplantation Director in Morocco. His research interests are in medical pathology, therapy, public health and epidemiology. He has 110 publications; also has national, regional and international awards and recognitions.

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BOUSMINA, Mustafa (Prof.)

Chemical sciences
Gender: Male
Country: Morocco

Prof Bousmina’s work has brought crucial contributions for understanding the dynamics of drops behavior in emulsions. He worked out various models that quantitatively describe the complex interfacial behavior in fluid mixtures.

These models were the first to provide a comprehensive treatment for viscoelastic media and allow extracting the rheology of emulsions from the knowledge of the morphology, and conversely, the morphology can be extracted from the knowledge of rheology, without any fitting parameter. This work undertaken both individually and also in collaboration with his students has generated numerous papers that are now highly cited in the literature and his equation is now widely reported in specialized rheology books, taught in Universities and used in industry for tailoring specific blends with the desired end-use properties (see the publications in the attached CV).

Prof. Bousmina has built the sole instrument in the world that combines rheometry with x-ray, ultrasound, light scattering, birefringence, dichroism, dielectric measurements, magnetorheology, electrorheology and in-situ visualization. All these techniques can be used at the same time. Part of this unique device was patented and is already sold on the international market. He also derived a well-know equation that allows extracting the shear rate and the stress (and thus the viscosity) from a batch mixer with any geometry. This equation is now installed on the entire commercial batch mixers sold worldwide by ThermoHaake and Brabender and other companies.

Professor Bousmina is presently the Chancellor of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Morocco and the responsible of the Euromed University project. In 2008 he created the Institute of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (INANOTECH) in Morocco and acted as the General Director of the institute from 2008 to June 2011.

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Ezzinbi, Khalil, Prof.

Fellow of AAS since 2009
Born in 1965, Morocco

Sellama Nadifi, Prof

Fellow of AAS since 2014
Genetics, Molecular, Oncogenetics, Neurogenetics

Prof  S. Nadifi holds a Doctorate of Medicine (University Mohammed V), a Master of Biology and Genetics, and Diploma of Advanced Studies in Human Genetics (University Paris VII, France), and Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology (University of Fez).  Her career began in 1983 at the CNRST in Rabat, and started training in genetics at the Cochin Institute of Genetics at Paris (1985).

She was among the first Moroccans to ensure Genetics Technology Transfer. Back home (1990), she contributed to establish a Molecular Genetics Laboratory at CNTS. When joining “Pasteur Institute” (1994), she was appointed Head of Research Department. Since 1996, as Professor of Higher Education, she founded the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Pathology, Faculty of Medicine in Casablanca, heads the Center of Doctoral Studies, and provides leadership for research and training. She teaches Medical Genetics in Casablanca and Marrakech and participates in training neurologists and psychiatrists in Neurosciences Master. She also helped to create a research and studying Unit in Immunology and Genetics. Besides a Genetic consulting at Averroes CHU Hospital, she supervises physicians and researchers in her laboratory, developing projects with the EU, IAEA, CNRS, INSERM. Participating in several international conferences she works on promoting the human genetics through the Moroccan Society of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology.


  • Member of the Doctoral College & evaluation committee of the UH2C University
  • Representative of Hassan II University In a mission to the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNSA)
  • Moroccan partnership of solidarity priority: support for higher education reform in Morocco.

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Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli, Prof

Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics

Fellow of AAS since 2015

Born in 1954

In 1994 she became head of the Laboratory of Nuclear Physics. This responsibility has led her to develop several themes around applications of nuclear technology.

She has supervised 12 thesis and currently § in progress, 27 final studies projects  (DEA, DESA and Master, 6 graduation project studies (Licence). She was Rapporteur (Examinator) and Member of Jury of 47 theses.

In 1996, she was a pioneer of Morocco's official participation in the international ATLAS collaboration at the European Centre for Nuclear Research  in Geneva, scientific research program at the Large Hadron Collider).

She has organised several third cycle training as Master Degree: "Physics and Radiation Technology" (2004-2006), the first Specialised Master of Medical Physics in Morocco (2007-2009) and the Master of Renewable Energy (2014-2016).

She is co-author of more than 300 international publications. She is a member of several scientific and educational boards and responsible of several projects and research contracts.

Prof El Moursli’s awards and membership cover:

Nominated Corresponding member of Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, Morocco, 2006.

Nominated Resident member of Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology, 2014.

The L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science Prize for Africa and the Arab States, 2015 Laureate

The prize "Illi Des Libertés 2015

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