Grand Challenges Africa is a scheme aimed at inspiring innovation to address and significantly impact major health problems in Africa.  The initiative, which is a partnership between the AAS-AESA and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will award seed and full grants based on the scope of the projects.

Vision and mission

  • The GC Africa vision is to achieve extraordinary innovations that transformhealth and addresses other developmental challenges in Africa.
  • The initiative's mission is to foster African-led scientific innovations that could help African countries achieve targets for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Focus areas

  • Consolidate and improve on the gains made through Grand Challenges support to African scientists over the last decade. The Grand Challenges are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges, Grand Challenges Canada and Grand Challenges for Development USAID.
  • Undertake outreach and awareness campaigns to extend the reach of the Grand Challenges funding model in Africa.
  • Define and set the agenda and priorities for future Grand Challenges in health and other development programmes in Africa.
  • Jointly with partners and/or independently craft, run and manage future Africa- centric Grand Challenges calls