Standardising, Simplifying and Strengthening Governance of Grant Funding

The mission of the GFGP programme is to develop a new and integrated system for the financial governance of grant funds awarded to grantees which will standardise, simplify and strengthen the governance of grant funding. The GFGP system will consist of:-

  1. A new international standard for the financial governance of international aid received by awardees.
  2. A standardised assessment system which measures recipient compliance to the GFGP standard.

The vision is that the GFGP “system” will become the method of choice for the international funder community seeking to strengthen the risk assessment and governance of funds they award either directly or indirectly to recipients in Low to Middle Income Countries. The ultimate aim is for recipients to become “certified” as working in compliance to the new standard – analogous to organisations being certified to ISO 9001.

The standard and assessment system will be for use by large, small, public, private, local and international organisations – regardless of the size of the grant or their area of activity. The only common denominator is where one organisation is providing a grant / award to another and needs to understand and manage the financial risk of providing those funds

Delivery of GFGP Programme will be achieved in four phases.

Phase 1. Develop the reference standard

To develop and publish a pan African standard for Good Financial Grant Practice.

  • Oct’15 to Dec’17.
  • Inaugural funders. The Wellcome trust & the Medical Research Council (UK)

Phase 2. Develop a system for pre-award assessment of recipients

To develop a web based assessment system for fund recipients to measure their compliance to the GFGP standard.

  • Dec’16 to Dec’18
  • Contribution commitment from the Eu (EDCTP) – balance of funding being raised. 

Phase 3. Funders and grantees access system and share assessment data

  • Mid’ 18 – onwards
  • On a not for profit basis - funders will pay for recipients to complete the self assessments and have access to the data base of recipient assessments.  

Phase 4. Harmonised reporting

  • There have been expressions of interest from both funders and recipients to harmonise reporting requirements.