Application Process and Deadlines

Stage 1 - Submission of preliminary application to AAS/AESA
Preliminary application forms should be submitted by 24th March 2017 through our Ishango Online Application Portal. 

The preliminary application will ask applicants to provide:

  • A brief summary of their proposed project (200 words)
  • The high-level aims and objectives of the network, the scientific questions/hypotheses it will address, and how they relate to the vision of H3Africa (750 words)
  • The approaches that will be used to achieve the objectives, including high-level targets, expected outcomes and role of each co-applicant (750 words)
  • A description of the strategy for community engagement and ethical challenges posed by this research and whether the applicants envisage any multidisciplinary research to inform best practice with respect to ethical, legal and social issues (500 words)
  • An indication of the level of support requested by each institution in the network
  • CVs of the principal applicant and all co-applicants
  • A list of major collaborators and their institutions.

Assessment Criteria

Preliminary applications will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Scientific relevance to H3Africa initiative and to the AAS/AESA mission and/or applicable to GSK’s Africa NCD Open Lab objectives
  • Whether the applicants and collaborators together have the relevant expertise to deliver the proposed research
  • Whether the management and governance arrangements are appropriate
  • The relevance and quality of any training programmes, if applicable.

Invitations for full applications will be sent out by 26th April 2017.

A webinar for potential applicants will be held on the 9th March 2017, but if you have questions in advance of the webinar, please contact:

Stage 2 - Full Application

If invited to submit a full application, applicants should complete and submit this online to AESA by 23:59 GMT on 14th July 2017. Uninvited or late applications will not be considered.

Full applications will be sent out for peer review and applications will be shortlisted for interview by a specially convened H3Africa committee.

Stage 3 - Interviews and Funding Decisions

Invitations for interviews will be sent out to applicants by 18th August 2017. A specially convened committee will conduct the interviews at the AAS/AESA offices in Nairobi, Kenya by 15th of September 2017. Successful applicants will be notified by 22nd September 2017.


Preliminary Application Deadline

23:59 GMT, 24 March 2017

Invitation to Submit a Full Application

26 April 2017

Full Application Deadline

23:59 GMT, 14 July 2017

Funding Committee Meeting

15 September 2017

Funding Decision Communicated

22 September 2017

Please note that all applications must be submitted in English through the Ishango Online Grants Management System.

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